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Welcome to issue 11 of Python Weekly. Even though we had a long holiday weeked due to Thanksgiving, we still have lot of great links in this issue. Enjoy the reading.

Articles, Tutorials and Talks

Less copies in Python with the buffer protocol and memoryviews
This article show how the Python buffer protocol works and what it can be used for. The main use of the buffer protocol to the Python programmer is optimization of certain patterns of coding, by avoiding unnecessary data copies.
This post documents the basics of Python ecosystem for web application development for those who shift to Python from other platforms.
This post gives you step by step instructions on how to get your Django application running on Heroku.
This talk introduces MongoDB for developers who aren't familiar with it with a detailed introduction of how to work with MongoDB from Python. There is some discussion about useful integration points between Python + MongoDB such as using MongoDB as a caching system with the Beaker Caching API.

Getting to Continuous Deployment in Django: Feature Flipping
This post is a first in a series of posts about our move towards continuous deployment using Django.
This screencast guides you through the process of creating an add-on for the Kotti CMS. In this tutorial we'll write a simple commenting system in 21 minutes in real-time.
Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries
It is question and answer software, like StackOverflow, written in Python and Django.
MontySolr is an open source extension that makes it possible to include Python code inside Solr. You can call Python routines from the Java side, as well as control (most of the) Solr operations from the Python side.
It provides a set of tools for managing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Django sites.
Kaleo provides a site with user to user invitations for Pinax based sites.
This application provides bookmarks management functionality to a Django project. Using bookmarks, users can store their favourite contents, or items they follow, or topics they like or dislike.
Djangbone makes it easy for Django backends to talk to Backbone.js.

New Releases

There are lot of new changes in this release: A CLI interface, new routing syntax and lots of convenient helpers for request/response objects and templates.
This release represents a dramatic change in the way we do things but lays the foundation for Pinax 1.0 and beyond.

Upcoming Events and Webinars

PyCon China Conference is being held for the first time in China. 
This workshop is to provide a place for people to get help with either learning Django or to get feedback/help with their Django project.
Come along and learn about Python, meet other Python developers, and share what you know!
Python Jobs of the Week

We are looking for someone who really cares about what they build to join our quantitative and technology-driven startup. Our lean team is talented and our product is profitable - we're building a new solution for social/Facebook ads and monetization. We are looking for a good coder who wants to collaborate across teams to develop dashboards, analytics interfaces, data feeds, and other tools.
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