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Welcome to issue 12 of Python Weekly.


This is the 3rd year in a row that Python has been voted as the Best Programming Language.

Articles Tutorials and Talks

Instagram's massively scalable arctitecture is using Python and Django among other technologies.
This post give a summary of what a convolution is and how it can be used to manipulate images and also shows a hands-on example of image processing in Python
This is an unsanitised account of how the author solved the GCHQ challenge at According to the BBC the competition began in secret on the 3rd of November 2011 and will continue until the 12th of December.
This post shows how security researchers use python to find shellcode inside malicious files.
This episode includes an interview with Benjamin Peterson.
This post shows how to use SSL encryption in Bottle based services.
Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries is a business management suite with tons of great features including integrated Project Management, Help Desk (ticketing) and CRM modules. 
Hyde is a static website generator written in python.
It is a Django application that manages multiple email addresses for a given user.
Skate is a tool to bring programming to the youngest. Because computer programming is easy, and there is enormous potential for discovery. Skate does simplify development programs such as video games and desktop applications, providing a simple environment, assisted with teaching documentation, easy to read and many examples. 
Stallion is a Python Package Manager interface created to provide an "easy-to-use" visual interface for Python newcomers.
PySmell is a python IDE completion helper. It tries to statically analyze Python source code, without executing it, and generates information about a project's structure that IDE tools can use. There is currently support for Vim, Emacs and TextMate. 
The powerful, yet easy to implement thumbnailing application for Django
Gargoyle is a platform built on top of Django which allows you to switch functionality of your application on and off based on conditions.

Upcoming Events and Webinars

Come hear Mozilla's James Socol speak about how big Django sites are built.  
Corey Goldberg of Canonical and Dan Kuebrich of Tracelytics will tag-team to tell us about web performance testing, and a few interesting tools they've built.
Would you like to learn Python in a non-alpha geek, friendly environment?  Come out to the fourth PyStar MPLS to get started learning this amazingly intuitive programming language.

This event will have short lightning talks by the hottest startups in Boston, two of which are Techstars companies and two that are working out of the Dogpatch Labs incubator for startups. Hear how Django helps them to innovate at lightning speed!

A Python Primer for ArcGIS combines fundamental Python programming structures to help professionals automate common geoprocessing functions. Thorough explanations of programming concepts are included along with user-friendly demonstrations that enable readers to develop programs on their own. This book provides a practical approach to a broad range of programming skills using ArcGIS for geoprocessing and map production in the work place.

Python Jobs of the Week

Hyperink is an Andreessen Horowitz and Y Combinator-backed startup that's looking to democratize and dramatically improve the book publishing industry. We're looking for front-end / user interface engineers who are comfortable wearing multiple hats and enjoy learning new things constantly.
We're looking for Python developers who are willing to do everything from standard application development to natural language processing to artificial intelligence and everything in between.
We are looking for someone who knows Python and Django very well and is also comfortable with Javascript, JQuery mobile, CSS, HTML, as well as other Django related technologies to join our top notch development team.  If you would enjoy working with very talented developers and architects on a groundbreaking new mobile product this may be your calling.

Get Your Weekly Dose of Python