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Welcome to issue 15 of Python Weekly. I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. It's been a slow week, but we still have few great links in today's issue. 


PyCon Program Committee has announced the list of talks for PyCon 2012! There will be talks covering embedded programming, REST APIs, GIS, cloud computing, web development, relational and non-relational databases, design, 3d printers, testing, debugging, high performance, scientific computing, and more.

Articles, Tutorials and Talks

The paper examines a number of different strategies for AOP in Python and relate how different implementations have leveraged these.
You will learn how to program using web2py through this series of videos.
This post shows you how you can get programmatic access to the search queries data for your sites in Google Webmaster Tools.
This article shows you how to use threads in python by giving you a sample "worker" thread implementation. It can be given tasks, where each task is a directory name, and it does useful work. This work is recursively listing all the files contained in the given directory and its sub-directories.
This post describes how to combine a Django application with Green Unicorn and Nginx within a pristine EC2 Ubuntu 11.10 image.
A series of posts covering the internals of OpenBlock and, specifically, the geocoder.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

PyBrain is a modular Machine Learning Library for Python. It contains algorithms for neural networks, for reinforcement learning (and the combination of the two), for unsupervised learning, and evolution.
It is a python script to backup up your iPhone SMS messages.
It is an integration between statsd and django. It allows you to use different clients, sends timings as middleware and integrates with django debug toolbar
It is a simple weblog written using bottlepy.
A clutter based terminal written in pure python.
It is a  django app that builds item-based suggestions for users.

New Releases

This is the first in a series of preview/development releases leading up to the eventual release of Django 1.4, scheduled for March 2012. This release is primarily targeted at developers who are interested in trying out new features and testing the Django codebase to help identify and resolve bugs prior to the final 1.4 release.

Upcoming Events and Webinars

In this class, we will be continuing an overview of what goes into making your basic web app. We will be focusing specifically on starting a new Django app as we continue building a location-based shout app.
The next PyPy sprint will be in Leysin, Switzerland, for the eighth time. This is a fully public sprint: newcomers and topics other than those proposed are welcome.

This book is to help you with writing better Django code. It collects Django design patterns classified in views, urls and logical areas, and contains more than 50 tips.

Get Your Weekly Dose of Python