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Mutual Mobile crafts innovative mobile apps for clients like Google, Audi, and Beatport. We use Python and Django to power those apps. We're based in Austin, Texas, and we're hiring.

Articles, Tutorials and Talks
Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) is the technique used in both CPython and PyPy to safely run multi-threaded programs: it is a global lock that prevents multiple threads from actually running at the same time. This post explain a solution to implement a different model for using multiple cores instead of removing GIL as suggested in the previous post.
The model of the Lean Startup is to Build-Measure-Learn and you can only measure if you have the data for it. That is where logging comes into play. This post shows you how to configure logging so your application servers can send info in nicely parseable json format to a centralized server for analysis.
This presentation is a breezy, example-filled tour through some of author's favorites, from treasures in the standard library to great third-party packages and it also touches on some of the fuzzier aspects of the Python culture that make it such a joy to be part of.
This post is written   
  • To provide an easy demonstration of how Python threads are bad for speeding up CPU-bound computations, while multiprocessing does use the multi-core CPU in a parallel manner
  • To show that multiprocessing makes writing parallel code as easy as using threading. 
This third post describes how a production Django application can be monitored, and how common tasks such as deployment can be automated.
In the second part of this series, you will learn how to add a GUI to expand on the simple status and display tool.
If you want to deliver a great library to the community, or if you want to bump smoothly your Python's production version, testing on multiple versions of Python is a must have, especially since Python 3. ShiningPanda plugin for Jenkins proposes an elegant solution to test against multiple versions of Python, without the burden of creating one plan per version.
One of the additions to django_extensions app is runscript, which allows you to run any script in the Django context, without having to manually import and configure your paths and Django settings. This blog post quickly show you how to use it correctly. 
This short post shows how to use python program to get a notification if an appointment has an alert to be raised at that time.
Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Bulbs is a Python persistence framework for graph databases that connects to Rexster, a REST server optimized for recommendations. Rexster is part of the TinkerPop stack. You can connect to any Blueprints-enabled graph database, including Neo4j, OrientDB, Dex, OpenRDF Sail, and TinkerGraph.
Modest Maps is a display and interaction library for tile-based maps in Flash (ActionScript 2.0 and ActionScript 3.0) and Python.
It is an implementation of the TrueSkill algorithm for Python.  TrueSkill is a rating system among game players and it is used on Xbox Live to rank and match players. TrueSkill system quantizes  "TRUE" skill points by a Bayesian inference algorithm.
Django Extensions is a collection of custom extensions for the Django Framework.
PBS helps you write shell scripts in Python by giving you the good features of Bash (easy command calling, easy piping) with the power and flexibility of Python.
It is a Django app which provides contextual help for your site's pages.
Hobo is an ultra-lightweight blog engine written in Python. It has two dependencies, fully integrated into the codebase with no additional downloads: and markdown2.
django-mongonaut is an introspective interface for working with MongoDB via mongoengine. Rather then attempt to staple this functionality into Django's Admin interface, django-mongonaut takes the approach of rolling a new framework from scratch.

New Releases

Wingware has released version 4.1.3 of Wing IDE, an integrated development environment designed specifically for the Python programming language.

Upcoming Events and Webinars

You're dreaming to feel Python leather on your keyboard? Winter session 2012 of Python workshops is arrived! This session, Montréal-Python offers one workshop a month
Join us for the inaugural PhillyPUG project night! Work on Python projects, get programming help, work through tutorials, help others, hang out with other pythonistas, and have fun.
These three luminaries from Django, PyPy, and the Python world in general will be in town for an informal panel discussion. The discussion will be wide-ranging, authoritative, opinionated, illuminating, and entertaining. Bring any and all topics!
This talk by Dr Russel Winder will look at Python as a High Performance Language and take an interactive wander through the issues with its image.


This book offers a highly accessible introduction to natural language processing, the field that supports a variety of language technologies, from predictive text and email filtering to automatic summarization and translation. It is available free online.

Python Jobs of the Week

We want to connect millions of people with their favorite songs and create a service that people love to use. We're looking for outstanding software engineers who speak programming languages fluently and who can appreciate the beauty in well written code. You'll spend your days making the Spotify client application even better, whether it's implementing new features, improving performance or making sure that the user interface is top-notch.
Zephyr Associates is looking for a talented engineer with a strong interest in financial data and analytics. We process a large amount of data from financial data vendors and are regularly adding new data feeds. Your job will be to improve the performance, reliability, and automation of the existing feeds and to add support for new feeds.
Instameet is the future of social pairing. We seek a Full-Stack developer to join as a Co-Founder.
Cinely is a website to connect and organize the filmmaking community and its content. The site is currently in private testing and will be launching in March. We are looking for both a part-time and full-time developer. 
We are looking for a Web Operations Specialist to manage the daily operations of AWeber's SAAS web applications. You want to know how things work, how they integrate together, and how you can make them work all the time.
We're looking for an experienced, creative software developer to help us build a sophisticated and fun consumer application. You bring deep polyglot coding expertise and ability to quickly learn and master new technologies. You're a pragmatic perfectionist with an eye for aesthetics in UX and in code. You want a strong voice in technical architecture and product direction.
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