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Welcome to issue 19 of Python Weekly. 

Mutual Mobile crafts innovative mobile apps for clients like Google, Audi, and Beatport. We use Python and Django to power those apps. We're based in Austin, Texas, and we're hiring.

Articles, Tutorials and Talks

Sentry is a realtime event logging and aggregation platform. This post shows you how to setup a logging server and also how to test it in your local Django project.
This post shows you how to build a sentiment analyser for your Twitter feed. Sentiment analysers extract the positivity and negativity from text; we're going to go step by step through applying one analyser to your Twitter feed.
This post is the first in a series of posts about best practices when using Lettuce, a testing framework for Django.
This post shows how you can deploy Flask apps as easy as deploying to App Engine.
Database performance is a crucial factor in web application performance, and can mean the difference between a responsive web application and a slow one. This post summarises methods for identifying database performance issues, and how to approach fixing them.
This tutorial focuses on the boto interface to AWS' DynamoDB. This tutorial assumes that you have boto, a Python interface to Amazon Web Services, already downloaded and installed.
Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

pyKML is an open source Python library for generating, parsing, and modifying KML, the geo-spatial data language used by Google Earth, Google Maps and a number of other GIS platforms.
It is an application that allows user authentication with two steps for additional security. The a first step with username and password and a second step with a one-time code such as the codes generated by soft token devices like [Google Authenticator][goog_auth].
Hadoopy is a Python wrapper for Hadoop Streaming written in Cython. It is simple, fast, and readily hackable. It has been tested on 700+ node clusters. 
This is a collection of selected web2py applications (aka appliances) at different stages of completion of quality, written over a period of three years. They are posted here to provide examples of web2py applications for training purposes.
Geraldo is a reports engine for Python or Django applications.
The Django Debug Toolbar is a configurable set of panels that display various debug information about the current request/response and when clicked, display more details about the panel's content

Upcoming Events and Webinars

How do you take advantage of real time features in a Python web application? The real time web breaks fundamental assumptions in most web frameworks and servers. There are many infrastructure decisions to be made, such as do I use WebSockets or Long Polling? Node.js, Twisted or Tornado? How do real time code and classic request-response code talk to each other? This talk will answer these questions and teach you how to build scalable realtime features.
Join your fellow Python developers for an all day event hosted by EdgeCast in Santa Monica. We'll be going through the Introduction to Django tutorial, so come and learn the popular web framework written in python.
Learn and practice Python basics at this introductory workshop.

Decorators are pretty common in Python. While not strictly necessary, they can reduce code size while enabling control of function input, invocation and output. Many explanations of decorators are brief and leave the reader somewhat confused. This book is an attempt to remedy that.

Python Jobs of the Week

This position is for a versatile programmer to work as part of our global team using Python, Linux and modern agile development processes including pair programming, unit tests, test first and a high degree of automation.
We are seeking an experienced Python developer to help us develop our gameplay engine and e-commerce website, both written using the Django framework. Featured in the NY Times, Washington Post, and Fast Company, we're an angel-backed startup and member of the winter 2012 class of the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator in NYC.
We are looking for generalist developers who are not afraid to move around the stack and help where needed. You will work with the product team to implement product features and roll out new functionality.
UCF Marketing is looking for web applications programmers for its web communications team. The successful candidate will be highly motivated, results-driven, and have the ability to multi-task, prioritize and manage multiple projects.
This is a contract position (6 months) that would suit an experienced programmer who is keen to select and incorporate a range of technologies into our cutting edge cloud and NoSQL system.
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