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Mutual Mobile crafts innovative mobile apps for clients like Google, Audi, and Beatport. We use Python and Django to power those apps. We're based in Austin, Texas, and we're hiring.

Articles, Tutorials and Talks
This article takes you into the world of scientific programming -- from simple numerical computations to some complex mathematical models and simulations. It explores various computational tools but the focus remains scientific programming with Python. 
This post describes in more detail how you can become productive using pymongo.
One of the key features of TurboGears2 is the great CRUD extension. Mastering the CRUD extension can really make the difference between spending hours or just a few minutes on writing a web app prototype or even a full application.
In this talk, Russel Winder co-author of 'Python for Rookies' takes an interactive wander through Python as a high performance language.
This post describes, in great details, how SendHub moved their Django app to Heroku.
ZeroMQ is an intelligent messaging framework and described as "sockets on steroids". PyZMQ adds even more convenience to them, which makes it a really a good choice if you want to implement a distributed application. This article talks a bit about how you could generally design your application to be flexible, maintainable and testable.
The QGIS Python console is great for doing one-off tasks or experimenting with the API. Sometimes you might want to automate a task using a script, and do it without writing a full blown plugin. Currently QGIS does not have a way to load an arbitrary Python script and run it1. Until it does, this post illustrates a way you can create a script and run it from the console.
There are a number of ways Evolutionary Algorithm can be parallelized. One of the easiest things to do is to run parallel instances of the algorithm with different initial random seeds. This post show how to use Pyevolve + PiCloud to run Pyevolve's Genetic Algorithm implementation with 10 different initial seeds on PiCloud  - all running in parallel.
This post shows how to create a web2py app using modules datamodels instead of models.
This episode is an interview with Martin von Loewis.
This is a Python programming tutorial for the PostgreSQL database. It covers the basics of PostgreSQL programming with the Python language.
This video is a panel discussion with these three luminaries from Django, PyPy, and the Python world.
Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Airy is a new Web application development framework. Contrast to most currently available frameworks, Airy doesn't use the standard notion of HTTP requests and pages. Instead, it makes use of WebSockets (via and provides a set of tools to let you focus on the interface, not content delivery.
Advanced Python Scheduler (APScheduler) is a light but powerful in-process task scheduler that lets you schedule functions (or any other python callables) to be executed at times of your choosing.
LocalWiki is tool for collaborating in local, geographic communities.
Django Federated Login provides an authentication bridge between Django projects and OpenID-enabled identity providers.
Monithor is a website monitoring script made using bottlepy and twitter bootstrap for the web interface.
Django Dynamic Scraper (DDS) is an app for Django which builds on top of the scraping framework Scrapy and lets you create and manage Scrapy spiders via the Django admin interface.

New Releases

The highlights of this release are
  • Updated and expanded WebSocket support
  • Improved compatibility in the Twisted/Tornado bridge
  • Template errors now generate better stack traces
  • Better exception handling in tornado.gen
This release includes new core IDE features, a couple of new sample libraries for interacting with Kinect and Excel, and many bug fixes for issues reported since the release of 1.0. The 1.1 release altogether contains over 150 bug fixes and new features since 1.0. 
This release contains Google's Cloud SQL's out-of-the-box support for the Django framework among other changes.

Upcoming Events and Webinars

This webinar, happening today afternoon, will highlight how a security professionals can learn how to use the python programming language to accomplish common security tasks such as log parsing, port scanning, vulnerability testing, malware analysis, exploit development, and reverse engineering.
Rich Leland will present on multi-mechanize, a Performance Test Framework in Python.

Gray Hat Python explains the concepts behind hacking tools and techniques like debuggers, trojans, fuzzers, and emulators. It goes beyond theory, showing you how to harness existing Python-based security tools - and how to build your own when the pre-built ones won't cut it.

Python Jobs of the Week

Curse's mission is to provide information and tools to help core gamers succeed in online worlds.  You will be responsible for the development of web applications and services written in Python and related technologies.
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