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Welcome to issue 21 of Python Weekly. I need your help in getting my talk about NoSQL Databases get selected for TechWeek Conference. Can you please go to NoSQL Databases page and Vote for it? 

Mutual Mobile crafts innovative mobile apps for clients like Google, Audi, and Beatport. We use Python and Django to power those apps. We're based in Austin, Texas, and we're hiring.

Articles, Tutorials and Talks
This post explains how to use Django with Socket.IO.
We're building a new service at Services called the Token Server - The idea is simple : give us a Browser ID assertion and a service name, and the Token Server will send you back a token that's good for 30 minutes to use for the specific service. This is about is how to build this token server.

Building Lanyrd
Lanyrd is a moderately complex web application. The core site uses Django, MySQL and Amazon Web Services, but we also make use of Solr, Redis, Varnish, nginx, Celery and Fabric. This talk discusses the challenges involved in building large web applications using a variety of powerful open source components.
A python decorator cheatsheet, which has templates for normal decorators and parameterized decorators.
The tutorial uses MyHDL to implement a design and run the FPGA tools generating a bit-stream for a development board.   
The new open graph allows you to post a user's actions to their timeline. This activity is shown to the user's friends in Facebook's newsfeed and ticker. Furthermore your data is nicely aggregated on a user's Facebook profile. Posting these actions on Facebook can greatly enhance the viral growth of your company. This post explains how to use Django Facebook to integrate your Django based site with Facebook.
This is the second part of the series Designing and Testing PyZMQ Applications. The first part was about designing a PyZMQ application, so this time it's all about (unit) testing. Remember, if it's not tested, it's broken. 
Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Times is a small, minimalistic, Python library for dealing with time conversions to and from timezones, for once and for all. It is designed to be simple and clear, but also opinionated about good and bad practices.
Thumpy is a Python server for dynamically resizing, cropping, and otherwise altering images from a local filesystem or S3 bucket. It is intended to sit behind a long-lived cache or CDN.
VPython is the Python programming language plus a 3D graphics module called "Visual". VPython makes it easy to create navigable 3D displays and animations, even for those with limited programming experience. 
Shinken is an open source Nagios like tool, redesigned and rewritten from scratch. Its main goal is to meet today's system monitoring requirements while still following compatibility to Nagios.
Localshop is a pypi server which automatically proxies and mirrors pypi packages based upon packages requested. It also supports the uploading of local (private) packages.
Writing smell is telltale signs of bad writing and mistakes. WSD takes a text file as input and outputs an annotated report with snippets of the offending bits.  It's got a nice modular model that lets you easily incorporate new rules.
It is a middleware for Django providing the capacities to highlight the user's search keywords if he is coming from a search engine like Google, Yahoo or a custom search form plugged in your Website.
It is a bash based data store written in python.

Upcoming Events and Webinars

PyCon 2012 is coming up in March in Santa Clara. In this first of two sessions, two Boston-area speakers will practice their presentations. 
  • Static analysis of Python extension modules using GCC
  • Through The Ether And Back Again: What Happens To A Packet When You Send It
If you can't make it to PyCon, this is a great way to see some of the PyCon talks, and also help your fellow Bostonians polish their presentations. 
Join us for our second PhillyPUG project night! Work on Python projects, get programming help, work through tutorials, help others, hang out with other pythonistas, and have fun.

Python Jobs of the Week

Enphase Energy is seeking top tier talent to join our leading-edge startup company that designs, markets and innovates new products for the renewable energy space. Our breakthrough Enphase Microinverter System makes solar power systems more productive, more reliable, and smarter. You will have a chance to be part of an accomplished and enthusiastic technical cross-functional organization.
This position gives the candidate a unique opportunity to gain experience developing real-time server systems and improving a cutting-edge model development environment. The position also offers substantial exposure to the trading industry and the field of finance. Our in-house environment is Python / NumPy / SciPy running on Red Hat Linux.
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