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Articles, Tutorials and Talks
Using Python and PhantomJS, a headless webkit browser, it is a snap to build a self-hosted bookmarking service that can capture images of entire pages. Combine this with a simple javascript bookmarklet and you end up with a really convenient way of storing bookmarks. The purpose of this post is to walk through the steps to getting a simple bookmarking service up and running.
This post describes a plan on Werkzeug, Flask, and Requests working together to improve Python HTTP.
This post shows you how to map keystrokes, like a keylogger, and then use that information to make a visual display of your keyboard usage. Keys that are used more frequently have warmer colors, keys that are used less frequently have cooler colors. Thus, creating a keyboard heatmap.
Rabin-Karp is a great algorithm for one simple reason - it can be used to match against multiple pattern. This makes it perfect to detect plagiarism even for larger phrases.
dotCloud's goal is to provide a bunch of different independent services that you can use as building blocks to build your application. This post goes over the steps to install an application onto dotCloud.
For more than a decade, no single issue has caused more frustration or curiousity for Python novices and experts alike than the Global Interpreter Lock.
This article provides an introduction to PiCloud, a cloud computing solution.

Django 1.4 release has some great security enhancements. One of them is a move off of the SHA1 password hashing algorithm to PBKDF2. Another is the ability to add your own password hasher to Django. This post give you brief overview of these new features.
Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Data Brewery is a stream based data auditing and analysis framework for Python. Example of existing streams: CSV, XLS, Google Spreadsheet, relational SQL database, MongoDB, directory with YAML files, HTML.
It is a django admin app to perform host server monitoring. A control panel will be added to the Admin in order to configure hosts, checks and monitor check results. Notification rules can be defined to notify administrator users by mail. All host shall have access to a common database in order to get information about scheduled jobs and check jobs to run.
Tendenci is a content management system designed for organizations with powerful features for event registration, membership management, and email communication. Tendenci is easy to use and offers many modules as one customizable software package.
Mailinator is a service which lets you use anonymous emails for free. This module is a scraper for the website which lets you avoid the hassle of checking for updates to see if your desired email has arrived.
Grappelli is a grid-based alternative/extension to the Django administration interface.
Rauth provides OAuth 1.0/a, 2.0, and Ofly consumer support. The package is wrapped around the superb Python Requests.
piep is a command line utility in the spirit of awk, sed, grep, tr, cut, etc. Those tools work really well, but you have to use them a lot to keep the wildly varying syntax and options for each of them fresh in your head. If you already know python syntax, you should find piep much more natural to use.
PCV is a pure Python library for computer vision based on the book "Programming Computer Vision with Python" by Jan Erik Solem.

It is a collection of 21 recipes for mining Twitter. 

New Releases

JetBrains has released a public beta of its upcoming 2.5 version of PyCharm IDE. Some of the changes include full integration with interpreters running on remote hosts, an ability to browse and install packages from the Python Package Interpreter (PyPI), an integration with the virtualenv package for the creation of virtual environments, UI tweaks for better managing scripts and a new notification feature to alert users about missing dependencies. 

Upcoming Events and Webinars

There will be following talks 
  • Understanding URL Resolution in Web Frameworks
  • Advanced Logging Techniques In Python
  • Epic Adventures in Python 3
The Indianapolis Python Workshop for women and their friends is a free, hands-on, beginners' introduction to computer programming. It will run Friday evening and Saturday, April 13-14, 2012.
Come work on Python projects, get programming help, help others, and hang out. Bring your own project or work on one of the suggested projects.

The topics coverd are
  • gluino: web2py libraries to Bottle, Flask, Pyramid, Tornado, and Wsgiref
  • Zope interfaces
  • Good Things in Three


The book's hands-on approach shows how programs can be used to build multimedia computer science applications that include sound, graphics, music, pictures, and movies. The book also includes optional coverage of HCI, as well as rudimentary data structures and databases using the user-friendly Python language for implementation.

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