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Welcome to issue 45 of Python Weekly. This week's issue is packed with lot of great content. Enjoy the reading!


Sponsors are what make this conference possible. From low ticket prices to financial aid to video recording, the organizations who step forward to support PyCon in turn support the entire Python community. They make it possible for so many to attend, for so many to present, and for the world at home to watch along.

Articles, Tutorials and Talks

This tutorial shows how you can get a variety of neat animation behavior using these functions in your programs. The code examples in this tutorial should work with both Python 2 and Python 3.
A nice post that uses simple example to evaluate the difference between using a computed goto and a traditional switch statement for a simple VM.
This post shares some tips which made author's Python code more efficient without sacrificing flexibility or maintainability. 
We all use the else keyword in Python, usually accompanying if statement. But Python has a few other uses to the else keyword that most people are unfamiliar with.
Distribution fitting is the procedure of selecting a statistical distribution that best fits to a dataset generated by some random process. In this post we will see how to fit a distribution using the techniques implemented in the Scipy library. 
This post shows you how to implement a Fast Fourier Transform algorithm and explore a application to audio processing. In particular, it will remove white noise from a sound clip by filtering the frequency spectrum of a noisy signal.
A quick guide to learning socket programming in python.
This tutorial will walk through an audio echo that can be implemented on an FPGA development board. This project will require an FPGA board with an audio codec and the interface logic to the audio codec.
This article gives you a brief overview of gevent. There is also a follow up post to this one. 
In this video, we'll take what we learned about object oriented programming and start working on a character picker interface. 
This tutorial looks at functions - what they are, how they work, and how to make your own. It also reviews some of the built-in functions, how to use them effectively and then look at creating and importing modules.
This article shows how to create a simple application in Django, deploy it to Heroku, then add caching with Memcache to alleviate a performance bottleneck.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

r³ is a map reduce engine written in python using a redis backend.
Plyplus is a general-purpose parser built on top of PLY, written in python, with a slightly different approach to parsing. Most parsers work by calling a function for each rule they identify, which processes the data and returns to the parser. Plyplus parses the entire file into a parse-tree, letting you search and process it using visitors and pattern-matching.
This small Django application will allow you to specify mailboxes that you would like consumed for incoming content; the e-mail will be stored, and you can process it at will (or, if you're in a hurry, by subscribing to a signal).
This library provides a powerful language extension mechanism that tries to follow the python language design principles and avoid creating confusing syntax constructs that will break compatibilities with editor extensions such as emacs flymake. With MetaContext you can define macros which can manipulate the AST of it's body and inject abitrary code.
Clay is a rapid prototyping tool. With Clay you can forget about making changes to dozens of HTML files just because you need to add a link in the footer. You can also use it to prototype your AJAX-driven application or the responses of sending forms, because it acts like a real server.
It is a Bootstrap based alternate Django admin. It builds on top of the admin-tools bootstrap and provides dashboard and menu support via admin-tools.
A gumtree crawler finds flat shares within a particular areas.

Upcoming Events and Webinars

At this sprint, we'll be collaborating w/ PyLadies SF to update and improve the Django docs.  We're interested in covering both the beginning-developer and experienced-but-new-to-Django use cases.
Google App Engine supports three major languages - Python, Go and Java or other JVM compilable programming languages. This talk will focus on Python programming language.


More and more developers are looking for alternatives to the relational database, and MongoDB is the leading alternative. This book gives you a solid understanding of how to effectively use MongoDB with Python to develop scalable applications.
Learn more about music with Python and a little bit of math.

Python Jobs of the Week

Work from home on challenging custom software development projects with endless variety and the opportunity to learn new skills. Art & Logic is seeking creative, bright, passionate programmers looking for a place to show their chops and learn from other likewise talented people. Currently we are particularly interested in developers with Python experience. 
Arc90 is a small firm of design-driven passionate technologists who work in Midtown Manhattan. We have a dual business model: one one hand we're a full service web consulting firm, on the other we're a product incubator. We are looking for a talented Python developer to join our team.

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