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Welcome to issue 53 of Python Weekly. Let's get straight to the links this week.

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The Python Software Foundation voted unanimously on September 12, 2012 to authorize the creation of a new award: the Distinguished Service Award. The inaugural recipient of the Distinguished Service Award is John Hunter, who passed away on August 28, 2012 after losing an all-too-brief battle with colon cancer.
If you haven't submitted your proposal for PyCon 2013 yet, hurry up as the deadline ( September 28, 2012) for the proposals is approaching fast. As with years past, we're looking forward to receiving your best proposals for tutorials, talks, and posters.

Articles, Tutorials and Talks

Want to code your own action game for the Raspberry Pi? Kevin Partner shows how to create a simple shoot-em-up in Python.
This article attempts to demonstrate some of Pyramid's more advanced startup-time configuration features.
Python provides robust exception handing baked right into the language. Exception handing is something every programmer will need to learn. It allows the programmer to continue their program or gracefully terminate the application after an exception has occurred. Python uses a try/except/finally convention. This post explains about standard exceptions, how to create a custom exception and how to get the exception information in case we need it for debugging.
This post shows you how to add a websocket-powered d3 graph of user activity to a Pyramid app using Moksha.

Pig as Duct Tape, Part Three: TF-IDF Topics with Cassandra, Python Streaming and Flask
In this post, we are going to mine topics from the Enron email message bodies via TF-IDF using Pig Streaming with Python's NLTK library and store them in Cassandra to be served in a REST API via Python and Flask.
The goal of this post is to show Average Joe Bash scripter how to write in Python some of the things they would normally write in Bash.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

PyMob is a technology which allows developers to create mobile apps in Python! A tool-flow converts the Python spec into native source code for multiple platforms.
sh (previously pbs) is a full-fledged subprocess interface for Python that allows you to call any program as if it were a function
Online Python Tutor is a free educational tool that helps students overcome a fundamental barrier to learning programming: understanding what happens as the computer executes each line of a program's source code. Using this tool, a teacher or student can write a Python program directly in the web browser and visualize what the computer is doing step-by-step as it executes the program.
Flower is a web based tool for monitoring and administrating Celery clusters.
Err is a plugin based chatbot designed to be easily deployable, extensible and maintainable. It allows you to start scripts interactively from your chatrooms for any reason: random humour, starting a build, monitoring commits, triggering alerts ...
Statsmodels is a Python module that allows users to explore data, estimate statistical models, and perform statistical tests. An extensive list of descriptive statistics, statistical tests, plotting functions, and result statistics are available for different types of data and each estimator. 
Complete Python Development Environment on top of a Vagrant VM. Inlcudes GUI support.

Trigger is a robust network engineering toolkit written in Python designed for interfacing with network devices and managing network configuration and security policy.  It increases the speed and efficiency of managing large-scale networks while reducing the risk of human error.

New Releases

The primary new feature for the 1.5 release is Django including Azure support! There were over 80 fixes/improvements in this release. 

Upcoming Events and Webinars

There will be following talks
  • StarCluster by Angel Pizarro
  • A Pragmatic Approach to Numpy and Matplotlib by Tom Adelman
  • Lightning Talks
This month we'll be talking about all of the news, announcements, and rumors from this year's DjangoCon. Come on out, learn, and meet up with your fellow Django developers.

Take the guesswork out of using regular expressions. With more than 140 practical recipes, this cookbook provides everything you need to solve a wide range of real-world problems. Each recipe provides samples you can use right away. It covers the regular expression flavors used by various languages including Python.

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