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The PyCon team is happy to announce that registration for the March 2013 conference have opened. Early bird rates are available for the first 1000 registrations, which is a departure from previous time-based systems. 
Articles, Tutorials and Talks

According to Peter Norvig in his fantastic essay on solving every Sudoku puzzle using Python, security expert Ben Laurie once stated that "Sudoku is a denial of service attack on human intellect". This post explains how to misuse/abuse PyEDA's Boolean expressions and satisfiability engine to create a general-purpose Sudoku solver.
Sublime Text has a nice API to create sublime packages (plugins) and this post shows you step by step how to do so.
The previous Damn Cool Algorithms post talked about BK-trees, a clever indexing structure that makes it possible to search for fuzzy matches on a text string based on Levenshtein distance - or any other metric that obeys the triangle inequality. This post describes an alternative approach, which makes it possible to do fuzzy text search in a regular index: Levenshtein automata.
Working on a Django app that interacts with Facebook, twitter, or any other social media? Getting your butt kicked by unpublished rate limits? In video, David Gouldin goes over how Celery's asynchronous task organization can keep you from constantly beating your head against the inivisible 3rd party rate-limit wall.
This third and final tutorial of the series sheds some light on how multiple web forms can exist on a single page, how a single form can submit data to multiple tables, and finally, a hint about modifying CSS of your web form (which is a common practice in classical PHP based web forms). 
A brief article that provides you step-by-step instructions on how to start your first Django on SockJS project.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

The mypy programming language is an experimental Python variant that aims to combine the benefits of dynamic (or "duck") typing and static typing. The goal is to have the expressive power and convenience of Python, and also compile-time type checking and efficient compilation to native code, without the need of a heavy-weight VM.
A live support chat app for django that lets you chat with visitors to your site through the Django Admin interface.
A python svg graph plotting library.
An advanced template tag for caching in django : versionning, compress, partial caching, easy inheritance.
It is an open source command-line tool to mount Windows Azure Blob Storage (an AWS S3 alternative) on your local filesystem and play with it just like you are doing with your local files. It is implemented in Python and it is a FUSE wrapper that works on UNIX environments.
It is a module of useful algorithms for Python.
Ivolution is a face timelapse generator. Feed it with a bunch of images and it will generate a movie with your face centered on the screen. Ivolution uses face detection and modifies the images so that your face always keeps the same size and location over the movie. Images are processed in chronological order, so that you can see your face evoluate over time.

PyMVPA is a Python package intended to ease statistical learning analyses of large datasets. It offers an extensible framework with a high-level interface to a broad range of algorithms for classification, regression, feature selection, data import and export.

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Upcoming Events and Webinars

This month our Talks are -
  • Kieran Darcy showing you why Flask is a great starting place for web development with Python.
  • Mike Hibbert talking about making games with Python.

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