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Welcome to issue 66 of Python Weekly. I wish you all Happy Holidays!


Articles, Tutorials and Talks

This is a proposal for asynchronous I/O in Python 3, starting with Python 3.3. Consider this the concrete proposal that is missing from PEP 3153. The proposal includes a pluggable event loop API, transport and protocol abstractions similar to those in Twisted, and a higher-level scheduler based on yield from (PEP 380). A reference implementation is in the works under the code name tulip.
This post talks about some of the shortcomings of the Django ORM, the ways peewee approaches things differently, and how this resulted in peewee having an API that is both more consistent and more expressive.
This is a walk through for integrating push sockets with a Flask app using gevent-socketio.
What do you get when you cross the glowing LED box with a RC helicopter and the pyMCU microcontroller?  A Python controlled glowing head of course!

The SVD(singular value decomposition) is an extremely powerful technique. It is the core routine of many applications, from filtering to dimensionality reduction to graph analysis to supervised classification and much, much more.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

BeetBox is a simple instrument that allows users to play drum beats by touching actual beets.  It uses a Raspberry Pi, Python, and actual beets, to make music.
Brython is designed to replace Javascript as the scripting language for the Web. As such, it is a Python implementation, adapted to the HTML5 environment, that is to say with an interface to the DOM objects and events.
A plotting library for python based on d3. The aim of d3py is to provide a simple way to plot data from the command line or simple scripts into a browser window.
KA Lite is a lightweight Django web app for serving core Khan Academy content (videos and exercises) from a local server, without needing internet connectivity. 
Gramophone is a simple music server built with Python and Cherrypy.
Create RPMs or DEBs from a requirement file.
A shell tool to turn code into a video presentation.
Convert your ordinary functions into cool command-line interfaces! Komandr is a smart thin wrapper around powerful argparse module lets you build defacto standart command-line interfaces in secondz while providing you all the flexibity.


Over 70 interesting recipes for learning the Python open source mathematical library, NumPy.

The premise of this book is that if you know how to program, you can use that skill to help you learn other topics, including Bayesian statistics. Most books on Bayesian statistics use mathematical notation and present ideas in terms of mathematical concepts like calculus. This book uses Python code instead of math, and discrete approximations instead of continuous mathematics. As a result, what would be an integral in a math book becomes a simple summation, and most operations on distributions are simple loops. 

New Releases

This release focuses on simplicity, refining of scope, sustainability, and the future of Python HTTP.  Every unique feature of Requests was re-evaluated and stripped it down to the bare essentials.
The major features of this release are 
  • Easy custom JSON serialization of objects returned from views. 
  • Partial Mako and Chameleon template rendering. 
  • Third-party addable view, route, and subscriber predicates. 
  • Subrequest support. 
  • Improved documentation. 
Python Jobs of the Week
We are a venture backed hardware technology company with a significant mobile/web component. We are looking for an experienced software developer, who will design, develop, and implement software systems on a variety of platforms: embedded, mobile, web, etc. 

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