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Welcome to issue 7 of Python Weekly. I am launching a weekly newsletter called Founder Weekly, which will feature best curated content, must read articles, how to guides, tips and tricks, resources, events and more for entrepreneurs. The first issue will go out next week. You can subscribe to it here.
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Articles, Tutorials and Talks
The first post in a series of posts, goes over the various considerations for migrating your app in detail, starting with the most immediately obvious - and arguably biggest impact - of them all: threadsafe and multithreaded Python apps.
This post covers, ProdEagle which allows you to monitor your system, lets you analyse in real-time what is going on and can alert you if something goes wrong.
In this post, Randall Degges shares his experiences and tips about Django deployment.
This eposide is an interview with Raymond Hettinger.
This post shows you how you can quickly add a simple search feature to your Django based site.
This presentation is an introduction to Python in science and engineering.
In this episode of FLOSS Weekly, the hosts talk about web2py with Massimo Di Pierro.
Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

A pluggable app that runs a full check on the deployment, using a number of plugins to check e.g. database, queue server, celery processes, etc
Mantrid is the HTTP load balancer written in Python. It is designed with high availability and simplicity in mind: it is configured at runtime with JSON over HTTP and can temporarily hold open connections while backend servers restart. It monitors bandwidth and connection statistics and is ideal for serving large numbers of hostnames.
A simple epub reader written with pygtk and pywebkit
This application hides the details of the different analytics services behind a generic interface, and keeps personal information and configuration out of the templates. Its goal is to make the basic set-up very simple, while allowing advanced users to customize tracking. 
Linguo is a Django application that provides the ability to have multilingual models (ie. translatable fields on models). This means that you can have fields on a model with different values for different languages.
THe Django CMS Themes project is a plugin for Django that allows you to uploade prepackaged "themes" and start using them for your Django powered site right away! 
provy is an easy-to-use provisioning system in python. Turn that tedious task of provisioning the infrastructure of your website into a repeatable no-frills reliable process.


This book focuses on Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Simple Storage Service (S3) for developers writing in Python.

Upcoming Events and Webinars

We are all going to create a Python program to crack web-based passwords, like the ones you would see on an email or router login. This is going to be a very general and uniform password cracker, which should then be potentially modifiable to work for anything with a login on your browser.
It will cover an overview of Backbone.js, a discussion of the Django integration, and a loosely-guided exercise where Compete build some relatively simple MVC AJAX apps. Peppered in and amongst this will be some lessons we've learned and practices we have cultivated.

Python Jobs of the Week

If you're a developer looking either to get solid experience at a tech startup or one who has already been through the ringer, this is the ideal job for you. We work with the latest technology including: Amazon Web Services, Django, RabbitMQ, Gunicorn, Nginx, and Git. You will be working in one of the hottest sectors in the web right now: the social commerce market, including Groupon, LivingSocial and their 396 US Competitors.
Yelp engineers release new code daily - and often multiple times a day. As an agile shop, we are looking for someone to help us build our release and testing processes. You will ensure that product and infrastructure releases are carefully released in an efficient and streamlined manner from development to stage to production.
Get Your Weekly Dose of Python