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Welcome to issue 78 of Python Weekly. We have lots of great links in this week's issue. Enjoy it!

I am heading off to PyCon. Be sure to check out the PyCon Updates here.

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We support Python 2.5 and 2.7 allowing you to take take advantage of the many libraries, tools, and frameworks that professional developers use to build world-class web applications.


Raspberry IO has been announced at PyCon. It is a collection of Raspberry Pi projects, ideas and a community to share your work. Sign up to submit your latest creation! 

Articles, Tutorials and Talks

A guide to developing and deploying with the Django Web framework. If you are looking to make the jump from beginner to pro, or just trying to sharpen your skills, you'll find Django Best Practices chock full of knowledge.
Apart from serving as a quick reference, this post will help new users to quickly start extracting value from Pandas. 
Ever wonder just how much you gain by having Apache serve your static files? The author had a particularly hairy set of RewriteRules to support this in his project and a fairly simple Python routine as an alternative, so he ran a few benchmarks to find out.
This is the first of a two part post. It outlines how exactly the author crawled Svbtle using Scrapy , while the next post will analyze and discuss the results of the crawl
This is a how-to for deploying an ad hoc IPython cluster for parallel computation on the Joyent Public Cloud Most of this post -- beyond the provisioning and some configuration detection -- is adaptable to a private SmartOS deployment, as well.
Shiva is , technically speaking, a RESTful API to your music collection. It indexes your music and exposes an API with the metadata of your files so you can then perform queries on it and organize it as you wish.
The previous post demonstrated how to use libffi to perform fully dynamic calls to C code, where "fully dynamic" means that even the types of the arguments and return values are determined at runtime. This post discusses how the same task is done from Python, both with the existing stdlib ctypes package and the new cffi library, developed by the PyPy team and a candidate for inclusion into the Python stdlib in the future.
This post explains the process of getting reports out of Adsense and into your Django application.

This post shows you how to automatically perform keyword based searches at one of  kickasstorrents categories, scrap relevant data that match our keywords and category, download the .torrent file and push it to transmission torrent client for auto downloading.


Raspberry Pi in easy steps is written to guide anyone new to computer programming, including children and students, through setting up and programming their new Raspberry Pi.
Python is easy to learn. You can learn the basics in a day and be productive with it. But there are more advanced constructs that you will eventually run across if you spend enough time with it. These constructs, while not necessary per se, allow you to be more succinct, re-use code, and think about code in a different way. This book covers many of these intermediate constructs.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

RPC4Django is an XMLRPC and JSONRPC server for Django powered projects. Simply plug it into any existing Django project and you can make your methods available via XMLRPC and JSONRPC.
Python TableFu is a tool for manipulating spreadsheet-like tables in Python. TableFu allows filtering, faceting and manipulating of data. Going forward, the project aims to create something akin to an ORM for spreadsheets.
This project implements the basics of creating a proper modern daemon on a Unix system in Python.
twitter-text-python is a Tweet parser and formatter for Python. Extract users, hashtags, URLs and format as HTML for display.
A Flask skeleton application (simple package structured) with Twitter Bootstrap integration, SQLAlchemy, Gunicorn, Fabric, Sqlite and Postgresql. Heroku Ready!
Listen to your emails with gmreader. An app that reads your gmail messages right to you. 
Misago is internet forum application written in Python and using Django as its foundation.
CherryMusic is a standalone music server written in python based on CherryPy and jPlayer.

New Releases

Upcoming Events and Webinars

This course will go over basic installation, JSON, schema design, querying, insertion of data, indexing and working with language drivers. We will also cover working in sharded and replicated environments. In the course, you will build a blogging platform, backed by MongoDB. Our code examples will be given in Python.
Join one of the Samurai WTF project leads and learn how to interact with websites using python scripts and python shells. Understand the differences between the major HTTP libraries like httplib and urllib2. Walk through sample code that performs username harvesting and dictionary attacks.
Chris Sinchok will cover various Python deployment strategies and technologies, ranging from the naïve (git pull) to the more robust (fabric, capistrano) to the "Enterprise" (Python native package deployments, etc). In order to illustrate these different strategies and technologies, he will take examples from my past projects, and the constantly-evolving Onion deploy process.
This talk introduces MongoDB for developers who aren't familiar with it through a detailed introduction to how to work with MongoDB from Python. It will cover the basics from installing PyMongo and connecting to a server, to creating, inserting, querying for, and updating documents. It will also briefly touch on topics such as aggregation and using MongoDB as a cache layer.
This month's topic is "Constructing Kirq, software for conducting set-theoretic social research using Qualitative Comparative Analysis: A software development travelogue", a presentation by Claude Rubinson.


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