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Welcome to issue 8 of Python Weekly. 

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Articles, Tutorials and Talks

Face and eyes detection in OpenCV

This post shows how to use a Haar Classifier in OpenCV in order to detect faces and eyes on an image.

This post shows how to randomly generate some Monty Python dialogs and script using python.
GeoDjango is a very powerful tool for storing and manipulating geographic data using the Django ORM.  It provides a simple API to determine distances between two points on a map, find areas of polygons, locate the points within a polygon, and much more.
The first post, in a series of posts about setting up a Django production environment using nginx and Green Unicorn in a virtual environment, explains how to install nginx from sources, compiling it (on Linux).
This post shows you how to do MapReduce in Python.
In this post you will learn how to configure mongrel2 and wsgid to run your WSGI appalication.
Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

Buildout is a Python-based build system for creating, assembling and deploying applications from multiple parts, some of which may be non-Python-based. It lets you create a buildout configuration and reproduce the same software later.
Multicorn is a PostgreSQL extension which goal is to make Foreign Data Wrapper development easy, by allowing the programmer to use the Python programming language.
Spyder is a powerful interactive development environment for the Python language with advanced editing, interactive testing, debugging and introspection features.
Pylatte is pythonic, simple, fast web framework based on Python3. 
Caveman is a Python tool to validate HTML5 cache manifests. It scrapes the HTML page you specify, finding resources, then compares them to the cache manifest and reports problems.
Realtime auction app built using Python, HTML5, PayPal and GAE.
A Django reusable app providing the ability for admin users to create their own forms within the admin interface drawing from a range of field widgets such as regular text fields, drop-down lists and file uploads. Options are also provided for controlling who gets sent email notifications when a form is submitted. 
A Python DTrace consumer using libdtrace - Now Python can be used as DTrace Provider and Consumer.

New Releases

Some of the cool features in this release are 
  • Pyvot - A Python to/from Excel connector
  • PyKinect - Write Kinect games with Python
Upcoming Events and Webinars

There's more to life than Java and C#. Come learn about the speed and efficiency of programming with Python. See how innovative companies within Halifax are using Python. Learn how this versatile dynamic language might help on your projects.
How fast can you deploy a fix to your users? How confident are you with your deploys?  James Socol from Mozilla will be speaking about setting up a deployment pipeline to get code in front of your users faster and do it confidently. Then we'll talk about the hurdles--cultural, technical, and Django-specific--and how to clear them.
Come and learn the Python programming language in this workshop taught by the Los Angeles PyLadies.

TDD Django with Selenium
In this talk, Harry Percival will give an introduction to test-driven development (TDD) with Django. This will include the selenium browser automation tool for acceptance testing and testing of javascript. This workshop will cover the same materials as the official Django Tutorial, but using TDD at every stage - so, before any production code gets written, we'll be writing functional tests (aka acceptance tests) with Selenium, and then detailed unit tests.


NumPy 1.5 Beginner's Guide will teach you about NumPy from scratch. It includes everything from installation, functions, matrices, and modules to testing, all explained with appropriate examples.

Python Jobs of the Week is looking to add an additional Django developer to our small but quickly growing team. As a small startup, you'll likely wear several hats, but your primary job will be to develop new features for our rapidly expanding product offering.
You will be working on our flagship classroom interaction software. We are still a small team so you will wear many hats and get to touch everything from the front-end, to the back-end and database code. We follow the "Facebook approach" of giving developers complete ownership of features.
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